Monday, November 26, 2012

Life Certificate

Its November and time for the pensioners to visit your pension drawing branch and provide the ‘Life Certificate’. In case you are unable to visit the branch, please check with your bank for alternates.
Remember, banks are liable to stop your pension payable on First December, if the pensioner has not submitted the Life certificate


  1. While I agree with you on the "common cases of frauds" listed, I beg to differ that Internet Banking or e-banking is a solution. E-Banking has paved the way for more types of frauds, making investigation more complicated, confusing the sleuths, complicating the legal process and diluting the security initiatives which should otherwise be stricter. Frauds in e-banking often involve huge amounts unlike the traditional frauds. It is certainly a long long way to go.....V Rajendran, Advocate Cyber Law

  2. Thanks Raja, for your response, though it should have come under the topic of "Fence and the Crop" ! My take was not that these were solutions to the frauds. But, some of the specific mistakes listed in my post in leaving the cash and not checking whether it was actually credited into the account could be resolved by simply logging into Internet Banking and verifying the transaction or by getting a SMS on the mobile. As with every development comes newer issues too and that is the bread and butter of technologists, bankers and cyber experts !