Monday, November 26, 2012

Banker Kapali welcomes you !

One of the basic tenants of blogging is not to maintain multiple blogs for varied reasons. Though I have been reading about it, every time I find reasons to defy this. Apart from my primary blog of , I started another one, as I wanted to create some exclusive space for my Tamil love.
I have always been proud of my early years of work, a major chunk of it was associated with a bank and at every conceivable moment I relish my years there and at every opportunity, I take some time to think, say and write some good words about Banks, wherever warranted. With the growth of science, technology, and banking and more importantly the speed of Indians to catch up with them, an exciting race is On which is worth following. Of late, I observe that while India in general is progressing on this, banks are gasping to cope up with the steam let out by both the advancement and the consequent expectations of the customer breed.  In the melee, it is the poor, uneducated and old timers of the customer folk who are being taken for a ride by some.
During the past few years, I had occasions to visit many banks for some business transactions and barring few places, the progress, treatment and the service are found wanting. Even the legitimate basic rights of a customer are being denied and the main reason seems to be the ignorance of even some of the educated customers on their rights. Despite being a former Bank employee, even I was at the receiving end, at times even in the bank I served, and it took me some time, effort and hard pressing of rules to wrest my part of justice. At this point only I was wondering there has to be a place where ignorant customers should be educated and informed about their rights, on how to identify and handle the wrong ones being meted to them and after a long thought, I have started this blog to share my few rupees of thoughts.
I plan to focus on branch banking at retail level so that it caters to the section of the people I mean. It is my desire to be careful not to provide sermons, high fundas and only to share basic things in a language that is understood by all, with focus on retail banking. I hasten to add that this forum is not intended to be a place to criticize all banks for everything, but to share specific thoughts which will be based on occurrences or to mitigate such happenings. Visitors to this blog are also invited to pitch in with their banking experiences which are worthy / unworthy of remembrance and the same will be discussed, if desired. You can communicate on this to Hoping to do my bit of contribution to the innocent bank customers!
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Your friendly banker, Kapali

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