Friday, December 28, 2012

Costly indifference of Bank

This is further to my post on the indifference of some banks to the communication from the customers/public on  19-Dec-2012 at : in this blog.

Earlier this year I observed at a branch of  a Nationalized bank that the customers operating lockers are forced to pass through the bank's cash counters. This exposes the lakhs of cash and also the cashiers at the Cash department to a great risk of being attacked from behind, when they are focused on serving the customers. Realizing the grave security risk I approached the branch manager and apprised him about my concerns and also sent an email to him and the Top management in May 2012.

It was distressing that the bank neither acknowledged the communication nor took steps to mitigate the risk. I reminded the bank again in July 2012, for which the Executive Director's office responded that the matter is being referred to their concerned Regional Manager & General Manager for appropriate action. But, to my surprise and anguish, till last week the bank has not taken any steps to rectify this thereby exposing the Bank and its staff to grave risk.

Under the light of the above warning and drawing attention, it is not surprising that yesterday at a Bank branch,  a stranger just walked into the banking hall, strolled into the staff area and took away Rs 11 lakhs from the Cashier's table in 30 seconds in broad daylight. It is again ironical that the loot was noticed only hours later before closing in the evening, as reported in Times Of India !

After reading the news report of the above incident, when I drew their attention today that the issue raised in my email dated 7-May-2012 is open still, my email was forwarded to the Customer Service Department , who in turn has forwarded the email to the concerned branch again!

It is a matter of concern that there seems to be little application of mind to a grave issue suggesting potential security risk to the Bank, their staff and property. One has to be thankful to God for small mercies, now that my today's email has been responded. But there are some questions still remaining open:

1. What about the status of the emails which were referred to the concerned Regional Manager & General Manager by the ED's office, in July 2012?

2. When and how was it closed?

3. Why is that this security risk identified by a common man has not been identified so far by the Security Dept or the periodical security audits?

4. Why is that the a grave security concern brought to the notice by a public has not been addressed by the Bank for months, inspite of follow-ups by him?

I can very well obtain these information by posting a query under RTI but my idea of following up on this issue is not to harass the bank or bring its name to disrepute or play the good cop here. I am truly concerned about the welfare of the bank and its staff and hence the agony arising out of indifference.

On a similar note, when I raised another concern , the management did not even care to acknowledge my email. I am now stumped as to where else can I knock the door when the majority of the responsible senior management has not cared to respond to customer communication.

If a customer communication cannot be even acknowledged , I wonder what are the other activities of the 'Customer Service Department"?

I am not elated. I don't want to say " I told you so" - but I am very saddened that a Bank of repute should be going down the barrel in service while there is all the technological and other support available to serve people better.

Dear Bank, there are Good people all around in this country and they are still searching for the right people with whom they could grow ! Please wake up.

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  1. Hi People,

    1.This cutomer-care-less attitude is very High in PSU banks.

    2.Cash & every thing is Insured; why bother?

    3.Nobody is held responsible and punished (or rewarded); so it goes on!

    4.The PSU bank, & ustomers etc areTechnically remain illiterate and are unable to afford higher expenditure, till RBI punishes them.

    5.The chairperson of a PSU Bank gave away thousands of Crores to known undeserving contacts in Chennai a decade ago and made the bank ...Bankrupt (Or bank Corrupt??)

    I am quite hopeful these will chane in 30 years for better!